Massage mattressMassage

The Laybrook adjustable bed system can incorporate a 5- point variable massage system imbedded deep into our luxury mattresses (Reflex Foam, Memory foam and Sprung).

Massager 1 is positioned on the foot section which can be extremely good for circulation problems and oedema (swollen ankles).

Massager 2 is in the knee section which can help to disperse calcium crystal build up, one of the causes of osteo-arthritis. This can help ease the pain of arthritic joints.

Massager 3
is positioned in the hip area and can help as above.

Massager 4 is positioned in the small of your back and can give great relief to back pain suffers not only disc pain but because there is very little blood flow to the back it generally takes a long time to heal helping the blood flow can help any damaged soft tissue heal quicker.

Massager 5 is positioned at the top of the mattress to help with shoulder and neck pain.

Intensity Levels

There are five intensity levels from very gentle to vigorous you may want to have a higher intensity on your legs and not massage on your back or visa-versa which is very simple to do and comes with simple instructions. The massage system will automatically switchs off after 15 or 30 minutes as its on a timer (so do not worry about falling asleep with it on). There is also a rolling massage function where the massage will start massaging the feet and roll up through the knees, hips, lower back and neck then back down again pure bliss. The massage system can also be very good for your lymphatic system to help clear toxins that cause pain in your legs.

If you use a Pace Maker or have Diabetes you should consult your doctor if you are unsure about using this product. The information included here should not to be taken as medical advice and if you are unsure you should always consult your doctor.